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How many musicians...

Knowing how many musicians to book for your event can be a tricky business - luckily we are here to help provide that lightbulb moment!

The first thing to consider is the space - for example sticking a lone oboe player in the corner of a large room with high ceilings, open doors and hundreds of guests is possibly going to end in frustration for both parties. Similarly if you have a full woodwind or brass quintet trying to mutely play their peppy and upbeat arrangements in a more enclosed space during a sit-down meal this will lead to complications!

So you can see why knowing your space and desired atmosphere is key to choosing the perfect ensemble and getting the best of having live music at your event.

Considering our two venue settings above; in the first case we would recommend a quartet or quintet to give you that lively and uplifting buzz, filling the room and setting your guests up for the evening plans ahead.

In the second scenario a woodwind duo, trio or possibly quartet would create an inviting ambience and tone to your event but without making conversation impossible.

Here is one of our favourite smaller scale woodwind trios played by the wonderful

Hannah Grayson - Flute, Vanessa Howells - Oboe and Luke Tucker - Bassoon.

'Habanera' from Bizet's Carmen Suite

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