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Stamping out a year of false starts...

We are grateful that EvientoWinds came into being during this time and there has never been a more important moment to look ahead and make, albeit tentative plans for celebrations and events of any scale. Live music is more valid than ever and necessary to drown out the uncertainty we are surrounded by. To distract, to dream, to lift our spirits; music gives hope and leads us to better times to come. For anyone who has had long periods of soul searching we are your light relief.

We want to offer you that rush of giddy pleasure that only music can bring - a memory conjured through a familiar melody, catchy riff or simply sonorous sounds to soothe the soul.

Whatever stage your plans are at we are happy to discuss how we can help create the ambience for your day!

Here's to looking ahead to 2021 and a restful festive period!

Video clip from 'A Christmas Jazz Suite' by Bill Holcombe

Performed by the fantastic EvientoWinds musicians:

Hannah Grayson - Flute, Vanessa Howells - Oboe, Chris Goodman - Clarinet, Luke Tucker - Bassoon, Laurie Truluck - French Horn

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