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Who are we?

What is unique about EvientoWinds and what we offer?

Formed in 2020 our mission is to bring the sound of woodwind and brass musicians to the

forefront of the events scene. Traditionally a typical wedding or event group will be formed of string instruments and this is a tried and tested formula. The wind and brass sound and colour is special and offers a contrast and unique atmosphere which will make your event stand out from the others your guests go to.

This is because wind instruments offer crispy, floaty, breezy, groovy or mushy sounds and can belt out a tune to your audience in a different way to these more traditional string groups.

If you want something dynamic, unapologetic and feisty get our wind players in to your wedding or event - you won't regret it!

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Our Motivation


Vanessa Howells

Founder and Oboe Player

Inspired by the many talented woodwind and brass players around her, Vanessa created EvientoWinds in 2020 with the sole purpose of bringing the brilliant and diverse sound of these musicians to the events and entertainment scene and to offer an alternative to other more traditional groups and ensembles. 

Our aim is to make the process of booking musicians for events more friendly, fun and approachable. So if you don't know what to expect or are not familiar with the instruments we are offering we are more than happy to talk through initial ideas and give you the low-down on what would be suitable for your wedding or event. 

Check out Our Artists page to hear sample clips from our selection of Sound Tapas!

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