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Wind & Brass Musicians

Hear Our Musicians

With our combined experience freelancing with the best orchestras both in the UK and abroad as well as providing music for events and functions we know exactly what it takes to make your wedding or event run smoothly, with great music being a key ingredient. Tailoring a playlist and suggesting the instruments and group for your venue, atmosphere and preference is what we pride ourselves in.

Our musicians are the heart and soul of EvientoWinds - you are sure to be moved, shaken or stirred by their beautiful sounds and your guests will be in for a unique and memorable experience to gush to their friends about. It will leave you wondering where these instruments have been all your life and wanting more!

Our sound clips below feature the following instruments and you can hear the different combinations and sized groups to get an idea of what would work for your setting: 

Flute - The sound can be airy and floaty but equally brilliant and shrill. Sometimes referenced as a 'bird'

Oboe - Typically the sound is reedy and piercing but can also be plaintive and melancholy. Often associated to the 'duck'

Clarinet - Often described as mellow and rich, it can also be bright and explosive - has a catlike quality.

Bassoon - Velvety and sonorous but also plaintive and delicate. Often considered the grandfather of the woodwind section.

French Horn - a rich and mellow sound but can also be majestic and dynamic. The wolf in our animal world association.

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Sound Tapas


A small to medium sized venue or event 

A group formed of three instruments is perfect for a more intimate setting and create an ambiance for your guests.  

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A medium to large event or venue

Four different wind instruments offer a diverse blend of sound and character. Ideal if you have a bigger audience or space to fill

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Ideal for a larger space or event

A group of five musicians is perfect for a larger space or event where you want your crowd to be drawn in and feed off the music! This is the typical instrument combination for a quintet and each instrument comes across in its individual and personal character.

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EvientoWinds woodwind and brass musicians playing on the sound tapas clips:

Hannah Grayson - Flute

Vanessa Howells - Oboe

Chris Goodman - Clarinet

Luke Tucker - Bassoon

Laurie Truluck - French Horn

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We can go Bigger or Smaller - get in touch for more information! 
Arrangements of your favourite songs can be made on request for an additional cost!

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