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Soundtrack your Life!

AND... Action!

Ever hear a famous motif when you are taking action? The dramatic music as you race between people to catch a train, the slow motion chug of a melody as a ghostly apparition emerges at the deserted, dark end of the street you are roaming? The 'Great Escape' as you witness a comic scene between a child eluding its parents clutches at the fairground, vying for one more ride on the dodgems?

The trombone slide as the toast lands face down on the floor? The softly swooning violin as strangers lock eyes across a crowded restaurant?

Our lives are framed by music; soundtracks and movies giving us meaning and emphasis to everyday, monotonous happenings and glazing them with a filter of brilliant and shocking clarity and brightness!

Bring your party that buzz and life through theme tunes such as 'The Incredibles'. Fancy dress? 'Pirates of the Caribbean' will bring the Jack Sparrow out of even the most serious of your guests. Or sway along to the most soothing melodies from the rom com that never fails to give you butterflies. Want that soundtrack to a once seen, long since forgotten film that gives you the sense of limitlessness or possibility?

Even the most obscure films or motifs can be brought to life by our wind players - you can but ask!

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