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Don't Blend In - Stand Out!

Traditionalism vs Modernism in the Music Scene...

Why is it so bound in classical music culture for performers to wear black? At what point was it decided that black was the colour of entertainment? And does it really scream 'Surprise!' for your celebration, wedding or event? A day of dancing, festivity and revelry?!

Other articles have considered this conundrum and only a few could provide answers. That essentially the music not the musicians should be the focus, therefore black clothing meant the audience would be least distracted. But doesn't that underestimate our crowd? Because no matter what colour or texture your musicians appear in, your ear will hear the same thing?

The below article offers some interesting insights into the history of a musicians uniform:

Our aim is to shake off the cobwebs of stuck in the past traditions - don't assume that because we come from classically trained backgrounds that our performing wardrobes are solely black and morbidly covering and demure, (although if that's what you want we can also conform!)

What would you have your musicians wear? Double denim, a reference to the family tartan, a hint to the colours of the icing on your cake or flowers? Themed event? Get in touch and discuss your wildest imaginings and we will advise you what we can do to make these a reality!

Music isn't the only world in which this tug of war exists. We found this article investigating the traditionalism vs modernism debate in relation to post war America in the 1920s fascinating and have borrowed their clear and precise definitions of the two opposing ideals.

traditionalists [traditionalist: a person who has deep respect for long-held cultural and religious values] , or people who had deep respect for long-held cultural and religious values. For them, these values were anchors that provided order and stability to society.

modernists [modernist: a person who embraces new ideas, styles, and social trends] , or people who embraced new ideas, styles, and social trends. For them, traditional values were chains that restricted both individual freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

If your request is appropriately out of the norm and requires additional purchase or creation time an extra fee will apply - get in touch and explore your options today!

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