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"If music be the food of love, play on"

'Twelfth Night,' William Shakespeare

Last blog we looked at the powerful sway music can have over our shopping habits - this week we offer you a platter of famous pairings and fusions between flavours and music.

What makes those perfect flavour combination which transport you to heaven, unions that fuse like they are just meant to be? Salted caramel, sweet 'n sour; how did these even come about?

According to sources (!), the pairing of Sweet 'n Sour; from rice vinegar and sugar initially originates hundreds of years ago in the province of Hunan in China.

Salted caramel; that addictive combination is a more recent one from a French Chocolatier named Henri Le Roux - you can read more and even get the recipe here:

And how does this relate to music?

Bring on the flavours of spice and fun - party with the music and food to match your event. Themed event? Don't stop at just matching the cuisine to your day, get the musical vibes to fit too and have the complete sensory experience awaiting your guests.

Can you hear music when you taste that exotic spicy dish, conjure up that Caribbean beach as you savour the taste of coconut, bring that salsa to your event through 'Tico Tico'.

Music can play on, catering for whichever country or cuisine you want to conjure up - get in touch for more!

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