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The subliminal force of music

We are but vulnerable creatures influenced subconsciously by the music we hear - a manipulation which companies and researchers have investigated to find staggering results.

It is well known that the speed and volume of music can affect your shopping experience but to what extent are we being affected in the purchases that we make as we approach the bright lights of the check out - possibly more than you would consider.

In fact, so much so that there are companies who design music packages specifically to encourage people to spend more money, time

and make higher ticket purchases. Want to sell the last of that French Bordeaux? Don't waste your time with 'bereted' salespeople flogging it in the aisles; simply stick on 'Je Ne Regrette Rien' or the faint wheezing of the accordion and it will fly out the door in no time.

The below blog discusses some of the findings from research which is fascinating:

'Listening to familiar music or music we like makes us feel better, more entertained, and sometimes less angry about situations we don’t like, such as spending a lot of time in a queue.'

And even how things are adapted to change the experience as a whole as described in this article:

“We now know that the people who designed potato chip bags didn’t make

them noisy for the sake of the chips. They made them noisy for the sensory experience".

In 2007 TFL started an initiative to make people's commutes calmer, following MacDonald's lead where they had used classical music to deter antisocial behaviour with positive results.

So why the interest and research into commercial and hospitality sectors methods?

Knowing how critical the sounds we hear around us are and how they target your subconscious and stir certain emotions gives you a responsibility over people's mood and feeling at your event. Do you want people to leave with great memories, heightened feelings of euphoria and contentment, or maybe you simply want them to feel satisfied as though after a perfectly cooked dish, long soak in the bath or especially pleasing connection or conversation. Think twice about what your objective is and we will help you to get it just right with sounds to suit.

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