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Four steps..

'Every journey begins with a single step', (Lao-Tzu)

The spring boost we have been eagerly anticipating has arrived as numbers and dates are released for events and social gatherings. This undoubtedly brings comfort to many people who have been nervously waiting in the wings to get married, dreaming of that party they want to throw or constantly postponing hosting an event of any kind.

Everyone can now breathe a collective sigh of relief as the pathway out of this limbo is illustrated and this steady navigation becomes the hot topic of conversation. Some pandemic lingo you probably won't mind not hearing again, but this 'roadmap' gives us our pathway towards normality and the hope of enjoying simple pleasures that come with events and gatherings of various kinds once again.

Below is the government guidance describing each step and we have focused on the events and entertainment industry numbers and dates:

Step 1 (8th & 29th March)

- Weddings with 6 guests

- Funerals with 30 guests

Step 2 (12th April earliest)

- Weddings & receptions up to 15 guests

- Funerals & wakes up to 30 guests

- Event pilots begin

(we will be watching this with a close eye!)

Step 3 (17th May earliest)

- Most significant life events - up to 30 guests

- Events at reduced capacity or percentage


(Have you considered taking your event outside? We will be discussing musicians for outdoor settings in a future blog)

Step 4 (21st June earliest)

- No legal limit on all life events

This is our favourite step and we look forward to supplying our musicians for events and weddings once this is possible!

Sourced from:

The practicalities

We are happy to confirm that as per the Musician's Union article below, your booked musicians are not included in the number of guests you are allowed so you don't need to substitute that relative for a bassoon player for example!

We are now taking bookings for 2021 and beyond - get in touch today!

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