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Music Arranging

Like flowers but with notes.. #musicarranging

Every piece of music is conceived by a composer and given its own character and identity by this person. This doesn't mean that it can only ever be heard this way.

What an arranger does is to manipulate the original material; enlarging or minimising and adapting the texture, colours and melody to fit a different instrumental vase.

Just as people constantly strive to reinvent themselves through fashion, culture and experience; music can be transformed or disguised into something quite different from the tree on which it first bloomed.

We loved exploring the classical melodies in these popular tracks - see if you can spot them!

Track 1 - 'This Night' by Bill Joel

Track 2 - 'Go West' by Village People

Discover the hidden classical melodies above and more in this interesting article:

What has this got to do with my event? (you may be asking...)

If you want to recapture that moment when you and your guests played orphans in the high school production of 'Oliver!', or relive your karaoke debut with a cheesy pop hit we can bring this music to life for you!

This is a human task which involves considering which line or voice would work best on each instrument and every arranger would work the material in a slightly different way; like a flower arranger putting contrasting colours and textures together.

We can offer this bespoke arrangement service for a wide range of styles; Pop, R&B,

Jazz, Funk, Musicals or Classical works. You can also guarantee that your guests will never have heard your chosen piece in that particular capacity - something truly unique and memorable to your event!

Prices will be dependent on the length and complexity of the work - nothing is impossible and we are very happy to chat through the craziest of ideas!

'Happy' by Pharrell Williams

Played by: Vanessa Howells - Oboe, Luke Tucker - Bassoon, Chris Goodman - Clarinet

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