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Timing is everything!

As everyone knows, the key to the best punchline... timing!

Don't be caught out when the music runs dry and you are left blushing in awkward amplified silence while completing your signatures on the register or waiting for the next organised speech to begin at your event.

Be savvy with your music selection; know the length of your walkway, intermission or moment of incidence and know the purpose, function and material you have chosen so you recognise the tailing off or final climactic ending and are prepared for what follows.

How? We have sound bites and are happy to send these for those crucial musical moments so you can familiarise yourself with what you are working with and won't be surprised unintentionally at your event!

Cinderella; had she just kept a closer eye on the time, would never have lost that glass slipper and how different that fairy tale ending could have been..

Although it is possible to manipulate on the spot; a gradual slowing down to allow the stragglers or the tipsy to find their seats, a rapid finish once it becomes clear the music needs to hand over to the ceremonial talking. Ending up with the bride racing down the aisle because the music is in its final precious chords could be a little unnerving for her. There is flexibility to some extent, but why add unnecessary stress and stop things ticking along like clockwork?

We can work with you to advise on suitable music options and set list timings to get it right so you won't wish you could turn back the clock and do it again!

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