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What about Wind?!

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Hiring musicians - EvientoWinds specialise in woodwind and brass players for events

How many weddings or events have you been to where there are musicians playing? Mellow tones of vibrating violin, cello or harp strings resonating through the space? Traditionally string instruments create a beautiful ambiance - a tried and tested choice to set the scene.

Now picture a woodwind or brass group, light reflecting off the metallic Flute or French Horn, the crisp squawk of an Oboe or Bassoon reed warming up - you are in for a whole different experience! We have floaty, dynamic and feisty takes on the famous Wedding March, Bridal Chorus or Beatles classics which will give your guests earworms on their way home!

Bach’s ‘Air on a G String’ played by Hannah Grayson (Flute), Vanessa Howells (Oboe), Chris Goodman (Clarinet), Luke Tucker (Bassoon).

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