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Cupid's Arrow!

Hit the bullseye with entry, signing of the register and first dance music to capture hearts!

Steeped in tradition and ceremony or sumptuously glazed in novelty - the musical direction you choose to take for those key moments during the day are a reflection of you as individuals and as a couple.

Those iconic first three skipping notes of Mendelssohn’s ‘Wedding March‘ tickle memories of wedding days, past and future. You cannot go wrong with this option because the melody encapsulates the essence of the bond you are sharing.

If that doesn't float your boat why not go with a rendition of that piece or song to which you first locked eyes, swayed or sang. The significance and uniqueness of this can be emotive and unmistakeable to your guests even if the music is not familiar.

Creating that entrancing and sweet romance at the moment you need it most can feel like a weight similar to that of making an important speech. But as we know everybody is individual; each couple has their own story and whatever rocks your socks might leave someone else feeling like they've stepped in a puddle. So, choose your path with confidence and know that whatever it is will be fitting and right.

Through our bespoke service we can talk you through those important choices and musical moments in ceremonies, services, receptions or after-parties so you hit the right notes!

Make sure all your guests leave feeling like they have been struck by Cupid's arrow, not just the most athletic bouquet catchers....!

And as if you needed reminding; here is that iconic 'Wedding March' theme with a twist!

Played by our talented musicians:

Hannah Grayson - Flute, Vanessa Howells - Oboe, Chris Goodman - Clarinet, Luke Tucker - Bassoon, Laurie Truluck - French Horn

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